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Client: Mis Amigas Games | Freelance

A game for everybody

app design
Julia is a mobile video game that tells the everyday adventures of a common girl.
This application designed for the female audience, aims to see the world through the eyes of Julia.

Creating the character’s personality

The first challenge was to create a character with a personality of its own. To define it, I relied on this illustrated diagram to begin to visualize what aspects define Julia


These are some of the first sketches of Julia to represent what her appearance would be like, the clothes she is wearing, her expressions …


This is the design of different backgrounds that could appear in history, both indoors and outdoors.


These are Julia’s final designs. We decided to use a sketch and watercolor style, to give it a more artisanal and airy look.

Defining the scenes

Drawing the character in his environment is not easy. In the first scenes, I had to repeat the drawings several times until the result was good.

Putting all the pieces together!

It looks cute!